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The massage therapist arrives with a massage table, sheets, lotions, oils and music

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A vetted, background-checked massage therapist comes to you in as little as an hour

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The Los Erotico Experience

  • All professionals in the Los Erotico Massage are licensed, insured, and thoroughly vetted using our industry-leading security protocols. You’ll always know exactly who is coming to your home. This is just one way we prioritize safety, transparency, and trust.

Customers loves Los Erotico

  • Whether it’s stress, physical recovery, or a long day at work, Soothe has helped thousands of clients relax in the comfort of their own home.
  • JOHN:
    "I feel so spoiled. The best part? I can relax at home and not have to deal with the outside world after my massage.”

    "Hey Laura Your massage sessions have been the best we have ever experienced – your knowledge of the oils as well as the ability to respond to our personal tensions and strains is exceptional.”

    "Thanks to Dannica I have enjoyed my many massages with you, the treatment and guidance you’ve offered has been very supportive and you’ve helped with my levels of stress.”

    "Hi Mia! Thanks for your email and all your assistance. I will be very sorry to see you go as it has been a pleasure to meet you. You have introduced me to some great massage techniques that I didn’t even know existed! And they work!”

    "Amaya has been absolutely brilliant at helping me with a painful shoulder problem and also showing me what massage is really all about. It’s very effective when done right and doesn’t have to be painful either! Thanks so much for everything you’ve done!”

    "Hello Lexi Thanks for the massage yesterday – it was really helpful. I really enjoyed the work on the neck.”

    "Monica did wonders on my shoulder! By the next day it stopped hurting at all and hasn’t hurt again since! Thank you!”

    "I had been suffering from quite severe knee pain and Trisha worked on my leg muscles. After the 1st treatment I felt my walking improved quite significantly and the muscles had loosened up.”

    “After my massage I feel more relaxed in body and mind. My body feels less tired and less painful. I love the time to chill out and have some soothing attention. Charlotte does seem to have a talent for massage.”

    "After every massage with Dannica I can honestly say I feel like a different person – renewed, relaxed and very appreciative of what she does."

    "Felt in safe hands of Kim from start to finish"

    "What a really lovely treat by Danni!. Absolutely loved my hour long total indulgence. I felt so tall when I left. Stretched, energised but somehow relaxed and content too! What a boost to my self esteem."

    "Caring, gentle, receptive and calming. Alex’s responsiveness to what I needed was reassuring and I left feeling back in my body – and very grateful!"

    "Shayn is great ... once you find a good massage therapist who understands your injuries, you don’t want to let them go."

    "An excellent experience with Dannica. She listened well to my issues, tuned in with a postural examination and then delivered an enjoyable and effective massage with listening hands. Highly recommend!"

    "One of the best massages I’ve had ... Thanks for Raxychin very fluent, flowing and intuitive in a most positive way. A real sense of commitment and care."

    "Rio’s healing hands always leaves my soul feeling healed and warm after a massage. Her ability to connect with you and understand what you need is just a little piece of magic."

    "I just had the most wonderful massage for my birthday! Thank you Los Erotico and thank you Louise for the pampering!"